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1st Grade

alt  AR Reading Tests

alt Practice your spelling words

altABC Order- Drag the blocks to put them in ABC Order

altClifford Letters - Letter Identification

altClifford Letter Sounds 

altLetter Lifter-See and hear the object, type the sound

altChicken Coop - Match the beginning sounds

altPaw Park- Hear the word and find another word with the same beginning sound

altFly By Contractions 

altCapital Letters in a sentence. ( 5 games on same topic, click on menu)

altABC Order Game.  Click on the side to play all 5 ABC Order games.

alt Full Stop Game.  Put the snail where the period should go.  More games on side.

alt Help the bees bring the rhyming words back to their nest. Short vowel words.

alt Unscramble the sentences so they make sense.  More games on the side.

altLetter bugs - Zap the letters to spell the 3 letter word they say to spell. 

altMachine Spelling - Drag the letters to make the word the robot says

altWhack a Mole - Hit the mole on the head that is holding the letter to put them in order. 

Short Vowel- Find the short vowel word to match the picture.

altMonkey Business - Put the words in order to make a sentence

Word Drag - Drag the word into the correct sentence.


alt Seussville


altOur Math Book Practice, tests, and games

altAdding with fingers

altFish - Count the fish in the tank 

altDot to Dot - Click on the numbers to connect the dots

alt Missing number- click on the missing number

alt Addition Facts

alt Ladybug subtraction

Shark - Match the number with ten stick counters and ones

Adding Marbles- Use marbles to help you add the problems

Color the House - Adding simple addition problems

alt  Use your username and password at this site.

HM Star Test Prep for 1st grade- Practice your math concepts by taking these 10 question tests.