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2nd Grade


alt  Accelerated Reader 

Bens Guide to Government

Story Vocabulary- Play a tic-tac-toe game to practice vocabulary words from the stories we are studying. 

Story Online- Videos of actors reading books

alt An unusual primary encyclopedia

alt ABC Order games.  Click on side menu to play all 5 ABC Order games.

altUnscramble the sentences so they make sense.

alt Click on the words that need capital letters.

                                     Spelling Sites to practice your spelling words


alt Look, cover, write your spelling word

alt Spelling tests and games 


Dav Pilkey- The author of Dragon Gets By Web site

Dragon Gets By Quiz

Homophone- video of song about homophones

Complete sentences or not? 

Complete sentences or not? Part II 

Type Homophones-Type in answer to match homophone, good spellers only!

Pig Video - Learn about pigs for the story Julius

Synonyms-Synonym Sam's Lab, find two words that mean the same.  (Difficult level) 

Synonyms-Walk the Plank Game (Difficult Level)

Synonyms- Synonym or antonym game matching the words together

Synonyms-Game to Find the box that has the 2 synonym words together 

Fablevision- Stories to read with pictures online 

Starfall-A creative website designed to help teach children to read


Compound Words- Put the 2 words together to make one new word 

Antonym-Matching game

Antonym - Another matching game

Word Frog - Zap the antonyms

Squanky the Tooth Fairy- A game with antonyms
End Marks- Splat and shoot the end marks at the end of the sentence

Spellbound- A 1st-3rd Grade level site to practice random spelling words

Central Park- A Panoramic view of Central Park where Ranger Dockett works 

Explore a pond habitat at this site

Fly By Contractions 

ABC Order 

Question Mark Games - Give the correct sentence the question mark.


Nouns and Pronouns-Word Invasion, click on nouns or pronouns (Difficult Level)

Nouns-Basketball game, common nouns and proper nouns 

Nouns- Put nouns in correct group, person, place, or thing

Comprehension Stories-Read and answer the questions. Medium to Hard Level


 alt Pick your grade and take a practice test.

4 Types of Sentences - Build a clubhouse by clicking on the right answer 

Plural Play - Play tic-tac-toe against yourself, don't forget to click on the words "next"

Pronoun Reef - Pick the correct pronoun

Pronoun - Click on the balloon with a pronoun to win the game  

Pronoun - Pick the correct pronoun to go in the sentence.

Officer Buckle and Gloria- Space Vocabulary Game

Words spelled with AR - sort words into ABC order

Ants Go Marching - Music with lyrics

Flood - Save the books by learning to categorize words

Rags to Riches-Find the correct spelling of words with controling R

Rags to Riches- Part 2-er and -ar words, find the correctly spelled word

Build a Sentence- Unscramble the words and add an end mark

Ice Cream Game- Click on the nouns or verbs to win ice cream scoops for the monkey

Clean Up Your Grammar-Pick up the nouns or verbs and put in the correct trash can

Apostrophes- Click on the sentence that has been written correctly 

Echo the Bat - from NASA a story.

Pest World - A site about ants for kids

St.Louis Zoo- Click here to learn more about animals

alt  Click here to learn about animals


Nouns - Yes or No, read the word and decide

Ducky Abbreviations- Click on the correct abbreviation 

Coconut Vowels- Put the vowel team in the write word, click easy and slow, hard game

Grammar Blast- Find the adjectives

Blast Rocket- change the verb to the past tense

Questions- Read the story and answer comprehension questions

Jalapeno Bagels- Take a quiz on the story 

Thunder Cake Quiz - Need to know how to use pull down menu to find the answer


Build a Sentence - Build a wall higher and higher by putting words in the correct order. Hard!


Counting Syllables- Read the word and click on the number of syllables.

Sign Language Browser

Twins signing the song Fun House 

Signing the song, Party in the USA


alt You need your user name and password to get on the site.

alt - Our math book has a site to reinforce skills learned in class and math games 

HM Star Test- Star Test Prep with these test to check your understanding in these math areas

                                       Addition Sites
Addition Machine- 3 different levels, type in answer, click button to check
Ladybug bug- Addition-One digit numbers with dots to help in counting     

Jet Ski- Addition game, a little difficult to set the game up but easy to play

Hidden Picture-As you click on the right addition answer a picture is revealed

Timed Math Facts for addition, subtraction and mulitiplication

Math Lines- A numbered ball shoots at another numbered ball if it adds up to 9

Save Whale - Add a number to make 10 to help save the whale

Paint Brush Math - Solve the problem while painting a picture 

Ghost Blaster II - 2 player addition game

Math Match - Match the addition problem to the answer 

Bugs on a Leaf - Basic Addition facts, very easy

Timed Addition Drill - Beat you own time learning your math facts 

alt Eat the problem that equals the given answer.

                                         Subtraction Sites
Island Chase - Subtraction game, a little difficult to set up the game but easy to play
Hidden Picture - As you click on the correct subtraction answer a picture is revealed.
Bowling Subtraction = Practice your basic subtraction facts while bowling

Ghost Blasters - Shoot the even numbered ghosts
Math Magician Games- Games for add.,sub.,mul., and div.

Shark Pool - Place value - ones and tens

Dino - Place value - ones and tens 

alt Place value, drag the numbers to the correct place value.

Lady Bug - Click on the missing ladybug to complete the problem

Tangrams - Great puzzles with tangrams, a little hard to move the pieces. 

Guess the Mystery Number - Click on the dog for a new number, click on question mark for answer

Guess the Number - Guess the mystery number between 1 and 100

Shell Rounding - Practice rounding numbers

Spacey Math - Practice math facts by shooting spaceships. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Remember to hit the spacebar after you type the answer.

                                 Multiplication Sites

Snowball Fight - Multiplication Game 

Fish Store - practice multiplication

Diaper  Derby - Fun multiplication game with babies 

Gingerbread House - Build your house as you practice multiplication facts

Milkshake Shoppe - Hold down mouse until glass is full.  Decorate the shoppe! 

Fishing Multiplication Game - Pick the fish with the correct answer.

                                    Money Sites

Count Coins- Practice counting coins

Counting Money - Earn fish for the fish bowl.

Count Dollars and Coins - Drop money into a mug to add up to a certain amount of money

Coin Counting- Type the amount of money shown

Money: Identify names and values of common coins  

Money: Identify names and values of all coins

Money: Count money - up to $1  

Counting coins - Characters gives amount and you put coins on the desk.


Thermometer- Practice reading a thermometer

Inch Ruler - Practice finding measurements in inches


Stop the Clock- Stop the clock when it reaches a set time

Time Travel- Set the clock to match the time. (Easy) 

Time: Match clocks and times  

Learning Time - Move the clock hands to match the time given.  A little hard to control the hands.

Days of the Week - A little tricky, make sure you understand the question.

Calendar Quiz  

Hickory Dickory Dock- Uses words like "quarter past" to find the correct time or the cat gets you. 

Clean the Tower Clocks- Time and what time will it be in 2 hours, 3 levels.

Telling Time Practice- Move the hands shown on the question. 

Matching Time Practice-good site


Geometry - shapes for you to move around to make patterns and new shapes 

Flip, Slide, or Turn- What is the shape doing?


Fraction Quiz- Beginning fractions, identifying fractions

Identify Fractions- Simple game to type in the numerator and denominator 

Match Fractions with the Wizard.  Has odd fraction configurations