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3rd Grade

alt  AR Tests 

 altEducation Place   Study the vocabulary words from your story.

alt Type in some crazy words to come up with a funny story.

Biography Cube - Write about yourself.

Main Idea - Read a paragraph to find the big idea.  Need help explaining how this works. 

 Theme 1        Adventure

Great 3rd Grade Teacher's Web Page 

Write a Friendly Letter - Read, Think, Write

Lost and Found Powerpoint 

Read the story, Lost and Found, online or have it read to you!

The Ballad of Mulan Powerpoint

Read the story, The Ballad of Mulan, online or have it read to you!

Mulan Videos with Safeshare turned on, Click on titles below.

Honor Sing Along

Reflection Sing-Along

Lesson Number 1

I'll Make a Man Out of You

Powerpoint for Teachers on the Story

Cause and Effect Practice 1

Cause and Effect Practice 2

Cause and Effect Practice 3 

Cause and Effect Practice 4 

eWord game for vocabulary words 

Mulan Vocabulary Practice (4)

Mulan Quiz 

Dictionary Guide Words Practice 1 

Dictionary Entry Words Practice 2 

ABC Order Practice 1 

Easy ABC Order Practice 2 - Click on the activity titled Alphabetical Order 1

The  Waterfall Powerpoint - Review what you learn in class! 

Niagara Falls State Park: Click on Destination then photo gallery

Making Inferences Activity 1 

Making Inferences Activity 2

The Waterfall Story Quiz and Making an Inference PowerPoint

Read the story, The Waterfall, online or have it read to you!

Theme 2 Traditions

The Keeping Quilt Quiz and powerpoint on the main idea

Read the story online and the story will be read to you!

eword Game to practice selection vocabulary words

Comprehension Questions-Difficult level 

Main Idea Video 

Main Idea Activity on Ben Franklin 

Main Idea Activity on Floods, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes  

Main Idea Interactive Practice 

Main Idea Reading Rocket Skills

Understanding Supporting Details Practice 

Keeping Quilt Vocab Activities- flash cards, concentration, matching, and word search

National Geographic - Russia

Patricia Polacco Website

Video of Fiddler on the Roof sings "Traditions"

Video of a marriage in Fiddler on the Roof- Sunrise Sunset

Video to explain things in the story The Keeping Quilt with a song

Video of Patricia Polacco explaining the book and shows the quilt 

Adjectives that compare practice 

Read the story, Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope, online or have it read to you. 

Video of the 25 year old Anthouny Reynoso roping 

Read the story, The Talking Cloth, online or have it read to you. 

eWord Game to practice vocabulary words for The Talking Cloth

10 Question Quiz on Sentence Review 

10 Question Quiz on Noun Review

10 Question Quiz on Capitals and Punctuation Review 

Quia Subject and Predicate Review 

Quia Sentence or Fragment Game Review

Quia Sentence or Fragment Game #2 Review 

Type the correct contraction Review 

Treasure Trove of contractions- Click only on the treasure chest

Catch the letters to Spell Contractions - Fast paced game!

Poetry for Kids Site

The Talking Cloth read or have it read online

Main Idea Activity

 Dictionary Skills Practice #1

  Theme 3
  Read the stories online.  If you have quicktime installed you can have the story read to you. Click on the story name to be linked to the actual story from your book.


Giant of Barletta

Raising Dragons

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

Nouns- Put nouns in person, place or thing group 

Video-See Real dragons! 

Prefix practice- Several games to choose to practice this skill  

Homophone Practice- Read the sentence and pick the word to go in the blank

Homophones- Click on the word that matches the picture

Theme 4 - Animal Habitats         Click here

Theme 5      Voyagers    Click here to go to new page


                                             GRAMMAR Sites 

alt Pick your grade and take a quiz.

Apostrophes - Click on the sentence that has been written correctly 

Noun Dunk - Play basketball and decide if words are a noun, proper noun, or not a noun. 

Pronouns - Pick the correct pronoun to put in the sentence

Pronoun Game - Pop the balloons with the pronouns on them. 

Prefixes and Suffixes- Pick a prefix or suffix to add to a word then pick a sentence the word will make sense in

                                                                         Keyboard Sites
ABC Ya - Put a keyboard back together. You can click and drag letters to their correct places.
Computer Circus - Practice keyboarding certain letters
Crazy Typing - Pick your music and type the letter once it hits the!
Balloon Pop - Type to pop the balloons with the letters on them.
Cup Stacking Typing - type the letters in time
alt Dance Mat Typing- 4 levels

altUse your username and password for this site.

alt Our math book with games, fact review, and practice tests.

HM Test Prep for 3rd Grade - Take the test to see how well you know the math concepts 

Math Magician Games - Add., Sub., Mul. & Div.

                                          Multiplication Sites
Multiplication Chart

Snowball Fight Game - Practice your multiplication facts 

Fish Store - Practice your multiplication facts

Diaper Derby - Fun multiplication game with babies 

Ginger Bread House - Build a house as you practice your multiplication facts

Evil Eraser - If you do a good job writing the mul. facts you get to play a game. 

Grand Prix = Racing multiplication game

Milkshake Shoppe- Hold down the mouse until the glass is full! Fun shoppe to decorate! 


Apollo 14 Space Mission