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4th Grade

alt AR Reading Tests

altEduplace  Study the vocabulary words from your story.

alt Type in funny words that will be made into a funny story.

Biography Cube- Write about yourself

alt Ask Kids is a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12.

altPractice your spelling words

                                          Grammar Sites 

altPick your grade and take a quiz.

Apostrophes - Click on the sentence that has been written correctly. 

Sentence Clubhouse- Correct the sentences, build a clubhouse

alt Use your username and password for this site.

alt Our math book with games, fact review, and practice tests.

HM Test Prep- See how well you know your math concepts by taking a test.

alt Math site with several topics to pick for math review

Math Skill Builders - Several sites and topics to pick for math review 

Math Playground - Difficult concepts, has movies to watch too.

Drag and Drop Math - Pick your operation and type of problems then retype your answer.

Math Magician Games - Add., Sub., Mul., & Div.

California Indian Web Quest
California Missions 1780 - Present
The Gold Rush
Gold Rush: The Untold Stories