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altLearn your colors 

ABC - Alphabet train, what letter comes next.

altSequence-Put pictures in order.


alt Match Upper and Lower Case letters

alt Alphabet Bingo

altABC Gulp- Easy to play, hard to get started 

alt Click on the letter and hear the word and see a picture.

ABC Match alt

ABC - Click on letters and they form a picture.  Need adult help.

alt Singing Worms -Match letters and try to read the word. 

altKangaroo- Match the capital letters on the shirts

altSequence-Given 3 directions to find bugs.  You must click on the 3 things in order stated. 

altMatch the sight word to the picture.

altPounce! Lion says the word then you make him pounce on the word.


ABC Song with Elmo 

Sesame Street Videos


 alt Match the numbers 1 to 9

altAdding with your fingers

alt    Fish - Count the fish in the tank

alt Match objects with the numbers from 1 to 5


altMonkey- Put the numbers 1 to 10 in order